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When initially arriving at Insync Osteopathy you will be asked to fill in a simple personal information form including some questions regarding your medical history.  In the consultation that follows a full case history and thorough medical history will be taken by your osteopath.


During the appointment your osteopath will perform a comprehensive examination to diagnose your condition.   If you have any prior X-Rays, CT scans or MRIs, please bring them along as they will help in better understanding your condition.


Once you have had the chance to discuss your condition and treatment options with your osteopath, treatment will commence. Osteopaths use hands on techniques as the basis of treatment. Techniques osteopaths may use are massage, deep tactile pressure, stretching and joint mobilisation. Your osteopath will not only treat the area of discomfort but also the surrounding areas if they are contributing to your problem.


Advice will also be provided to assist the ongoing management of your condition.  This may include stretching and strengthening exercises, postural advice, exercise advice and lifestyle suggestions.

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